Super7 Teams With Universal Monsters And Garbage Pail Kids For Revenge Of The Boodega At SDCC 2019

Super7 announced today that their collaboration with the legendary Universal Monsters continues at San Diego Comic-Con again this year with the Revenge of the Boodega pop-up event! The abomination begins after dark on Wednesday (July 17th) at the Super7 San Diego store (701 8th Avenue). The event will be haunted by several exclusive items, including special Universal Monsters Garbage Pail Kids cards!

The "monstore" takes over the Super7 San Diego store which is a quick 10 minute walk from the convention site and will be haunted by exclusives and spine-tingling special things created especially for this horrifying event.

There will be 24 different cards to collect, including "Freaky Frank," "Hunchback Mac," "Drac Zac," "Bolt Buds Boris," "Mum Ian" and "Looney Lonny."

Super7 will also be offering up Universal Monsters drinking glasses, variant ReAction Figures, and Halloween masks, as well as a Creature from the Black Lagoon puzzle and a Universal Monsters coloring book.

Universal Monsters Boodega Hours: Wednesday - July 17th from 9:00pm to Midnight and Thursday - July 18th from 11:00am to 9:00pm.

Follow Super7 on Twitter for more announcements in the coming days and weeks leading up to SDCC 2019!


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