[Trailer] This Year's 'Jacob's Ladder' Remake Puts A New Spin On The 1990 Classic

Jacob's Ladder Remake Trailer

Putting a whole new spin on the haunting 1990 film of the same name, director David M. Rosenthal's remake of Jacob's Ladder is finally being released by Vertical Entertainment this summer.

DISH will premiere Jacob's Ladder in an exclusive July window, followed by a theatrical release on August 23rd. Below, you can watch the new trailer for Jacob's Ladder, following its premiere on Entertainment Weekly.

The remake's plot looks very different in comparison to the original film's, but it does look like much of the same nightmare imagery will be present. In Rosenthal's remake, "After losing his brother in combat, Jacob Singer returns home from Afghanistan — only to be pulled into a mind-twisting state of paranoia. Singer soon realizes that his sibling is alive but life is not what it seems."

Rosenthal directed from a screenplay by Jeff Buhler (The Prodigy, Pet Sematary) and Sarah Thorpe, Jacob's Ladder stars Michael Ealy (The Intruder), Jesse Williams (The Cabin in the Woods), Nicole Beharie (Shame, 42), and Karla Souza ("How to Get Away with Murder").

Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon and Jennifer Monroe at LD Entertainment produced alongside Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta of Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films (Fright Night).