Horror Anthology 'Nightmare Cinema' Coming To Blu-ray In September

Nightmare Cinema Blu-ray September

Nightmare Cinema, one of the best horror anthologies ever assembled, made a strong debut last month, and if you’re as anxious as we are to add Nightmare Cinema to your horror collection, we've gotten word that the anthology will arrive on Blu-ray/DVD on September 3rd!

We're unsure of what kind of bonus features will be included on the home video release, but the film is certainly worth checking out regardless.

Nightmare Cinema follows a series of five unlucky individuals who, after stumbling upon the dilapidated Rialto Theater, are trapped and tortured by the mysterious Projectionist as he plays each of their greatest fears on the theater’s silver screen.

Mickey Rourke stars as the ghost-like Projectionist who serves as the common link for each of the five twenty-minute shorts.

Mick Garris and Alejandro Brugues both directed and wrote the shorts Dead and The Thing In the Woods respectively. Joe Dante directs the short Mirari written by Richard Christian Matheson and Ryuhei Kitamura directs Mashit written by Mexican author and filmmaker Sandra Becerril. Lastly, David Slade is at the helm of The Way to Egress, based on the short story Traumatic Descent written by Lawrence C. Connolly. Connolly co-wrote the short film with Slade.

Nightmare Cinema is currently available on VOD with a Shudder-exclusive streaming premiere coming later this year.

Nightmare Cinema Blu-ray