[Review] Dreams Turn To Nightmares In Chris O'Neill's 'Headshots'

Hollywood has always been an untouchable dream for most of us. Sometimes our dreams are better left forgotten.

Jaime Donovan (Nika Khitrova) is a British actress who moves to LA to make her dreams of becoming a Hollywood star a reality. Her excitement turns to horror when she discovers that there is a serial killer who’s using her acting class to find their next victim.

Chris O'Neill's Headshots is a modern film yet it has elements that are very reminiscent of classic '80’s slasher movies. Although I really enjoyed the cinematography, music, and atmosphere, some of the acting and special effects leave something to be desired.

I feel as though this film has so much potential but it just never got there for me. Scenes that are important are rushed, and there is not nearly enough character development. Girls are being murdered and I don’t care because we don’t know anything about most of them. A lot of valuable screen time is spent on the killer rather than the actual victims or the acting studio. The studio and the victims should be the main focus and neither one was utilized to their fullest abilities.

Sadly, for the reasons above I give Headshots a 5/10. I had such high hopes but at end of the day, it just didn’t light up my life.


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