'Sadako' Returns From The Well In The Trailer For Hideo Nakata's 'Ring' Sequel

Twenty years after giving birth to the J-horror craze with the original Ring, director Hideo Nakata has returned with his franchise icon in tow for the film Sadako, a brand new Ring film that's set to premiere at Fantasia Film Festival later this month. The film has already released in Japan, but today we have a new trailer to share with you.

Here's what the festival said about the film, "A young girl with amnesia is admitted to a Tokyo hospital’s psychiatric wing. Raised in secrecy, she barely managed to survive a fire started by her mother who, because of the former’s telekinetic powers, believed her to be the reincarnated Sadako. Psychologist Mayu Akikawa quickly grows fond of her, seeing herself reflected in her solitary past, a lifetime of loneliness. Meanwhile, Mayu’s brother Kazuma, a producer of absurd online videos, attempts to boost his viewership by broadcasting an excursion into the burned ruins of the girl’s house, when he suddenly disappears. Alarmed by the last-seen images of her only family and by several supernatural events linking her new patient to Sadako’s curse, Mayu sets off in search of Kazuma."

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The long running Japanese franchise began back in 1998 with Hideo Nakata's Ring, an adaptation of Koji Suzuki's tale of a cursed video tape and a creepy drowned girl in a well, named Sadako Yamamura.


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