Dragula Season 3 Cast Announcement Further Carves Out the Boulet Brothers' Legacy

Dragula Season 3 Cast Announced

Sharpen your knives and break out the liquid latex, because Season 3 of The Boulet Brothers’ "Dragula" has its official cast.

Announced today through the Boulet’s social media outlets, the cast for the upcoming gauntlet of gore is as follows:

● Dollya Black, from Orlando, FL

● Evah Destruction, from Dallas, TX

● Hollow Eve, from San Francisco, CA

● Landon Cider, from Los Angeles, CA

● Louisianna Purchase, from Austin, TX

● Maddelynn Hatter, from New York, NY

● Maxi Glamour, from St. Louis, MO

● Priscilla Chambers, from Asheville, NC

● St. Lucia, from Atlanta, GA

● Violencia Exclamation Point, from Boston, MA

● Yovska, from Toronto, Ontario

With this lineup, "Dragula" has once again shown growth, featuring 11 monsters, up from last season’s ten. We also appear to have a couple of transgender performers among the lineup, including Hollow Eve. The biggest news may be the inclusion of Landon Cider, arguably the most famous American drag king today, marking the first time that a drag competition series has featured an AFAB (assigned female at birth) performer of any gender identity.

In addition to Landon Cider, I’m personally super excited about Evah Destruction and Maddelynn Hatter. I’ve followed them for quite some time, and I’m stoked to see what they bring to the floor shows this season. Yovska also might surprise me, but hopefully the masks don’t become a liability, a la Monikkie Shame from Season 2. Any way you slice it, I’m just glad that the dry spell is over, and we are soon to get a whole new season of filth, horror, and glamour from the Boulet Brothers and the cavalcade of cacophonous monsters that make up season three of "Dragula", which is slated to premiere next month.

Dragula Season 3 Cast Announced