Next Month, A24 Will Screen 'The Witch' On A Billboard In Rural New Hampshire

A24 Public Access Robert Eggers The Witch

Known for their innovative ideas and always thinking outside of the box, A24 has announced today that they’re "bringing movies back home to the places that inspired them" this summer, and will be turning billboards across the U.S. into outdoor cinemas by night! The 6-week screening series, free to the public, kicks off July 20th and includes Robert Eggers' The Witch!

As part of the "A24 Public Access" initiative, Lady Bird will screen in Downtown Sacramento; The Bling Ring in the Valley of LA; The Witch in a remote town in rural New Hampshire; Good Time under the subway tracks in Queens; The Spectacular Now in Athens, Georgia; and Moonlight in Miami, just down the road from Miami’s Moonlight Way, which was re-named specifically for Barry Jenkins‘ Oscar-winning drama.

Below is the full list of screenings and their times (click to see locations):

A24 describes "A24 Public Access" as "a celebration of the movies and the places they came from, hosted across the country on the most classic form of American media."

We can only assume that more info will be on the way, as you can just have a mob of people standing in front of a billboard in Van Nuys... So keep your eyes peeled on A24’s official site.