[Trailer] 'Widow's Point' Spends A Weekend Locked Inside A Haunted Lighthouse

Slime City and Johnny Gruesome director Gregory Lamberson is back, and this time he's taking us on a trip to Widow's Point, an upcoming supernatural thriller starring Craig Sheffer (Nightbreed, "One Tree Hill") and based on the critically acclaimed book by New York Times bestselling author Richard Chizmar and his son Billy.

We've been provided with a promotional poster and teaser trailer for the film. Check both out below.

In the film, "Down on his luck author Thomas Livingston (Sheffer) spends a weekend locked inside a haunted lighthouse as a publicity stunt for a book he is writing about the murders, suicides, and disappearances which have occurred at the mysterious location over the course of a century. As he uncovers the lighthouse’s terrifying secrets, sinister forces drive him to the brink of madness and a confrontation with cosmic horror."

Katelynn E. Newberry and Dominic Luongo co-star as Livingston’s associates. Kaelin Lamberson portrays Delaney Collins, the daughter of the lighthouse keeper in 1933, who faces the same Lovecraftian evil that targets Sheffer’s character in the present. Willow Xylia Anwar, John Renna, Richard Satterwhite, Amy Hoffman, and Michael Thurber play supporting roles.

"The film takes place primarily in the present," says director Lamberson, "with detours to 1933, 1987, and 2006. The focus is on Craig’s character, and we were lucky to get him as our lead because he delivered a real tour de force performance that people are going to remember."

Widow’s Point filmed at various locations in Western New York last August, including the Dunkirk Historical Lighthouse and Veterans Museum Park. Associate producers include Armand John Petri, who co-composed the score with Joe Rozler; Kim Piazza, who plays Delaney’s mother; and Bruce and Vicki Liebowitz. Tamar Lamberson produced, with Chizmar and Erin Elizabeth Heald serving as executive producers.

The producers intend to screen the film at select festivals while pursuing distribution. Be sure to follow the film's official Facebook page for more updates!


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