Dark Horse Heads To Hawkins For Graphic Novel 'Stranger Things: Zombie Boys'

Stranger Things: Zombie Boys Dark Horse Comics

Following the events of season one of Netflix's pop-culture sensation "Stranger Things", our main characters struggle with returning to normal life after overcoming supernatural horror in Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Stranger Things: Zombie Boys, an all-new graphic novel arriving in 2010.

School is back in session in the normally quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana. Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will are still grappling with the traumatic encounters with the Demogorgon and the Upside Down in season one of the hit Netflix series. As tensions rise and fractures begin to form in the group, a new kid shows up to AV club with a Betamax Camcorder and an idea.

The new Spielberg-wannabe friend, Joey Kim, wants to make a horror movie about a local legend, but when he sees Will's drawings, he discovers that his new friends are local legends.

The 72-page graphic novel is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Valeria Favoccia, and features cover art by Ron Chan. It’s street dated to release on February 19th, 2020.

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon today.

Stranger Things: Zombie Boys Dark Horse Comics