Korn's New Music Video Is Clearly Inspired By Stephen King's 'Creepshow' Story

Nu-metal godfathers Korn have released the official music video for their newest track "You’ll Never Find Me," off their forthcoming album The Nothing, due out September 13th. The track itself is kick-ass enough, sounding like classic Korn at times, while evolving on the sound the band has perfected for the last quarter century. The sci-fi-laden video is a visual treat, and a sure taste of things to come for The Nothing.

The video sees a couple of white-clad people in the middle of the desert, with a blue extraterrestrial object descending from the heavens. While one seems to be running to intervene on the other’s behalf, that other person appears to ingest a piece of the space rock. By the time his friend (or son, perhaps, the runner looks younger than his counterpart) reaches the compound, the man appears to have transformed into some sort of mossy afterbirth, leaving his white jumpsuit behind.

The video is clearly inspired by Stephen King‘s short story "Weeds", which was also part of the first Creepshow in which King also starred as Jordy Verrill.

Given the band’s affinity for space and science fiction (this is the band, after all, that played a show in the middle of a crop circle, for cryin’ out loud), the video is authentically Korn, and the joint, directed by Andzej Gavriss, is a fun watch and great alternative to the previously-released visualizer video for the track.

Korn’s new album The Nothing drops September 13th via Roadrunner Records.


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