Netflix Targeting October Shoot For 'Stranger Things' Season 4

Stranger Things 4 October Shoot

Production Weekly is reporting that Netflix is targeting an October shooting schedule for the fourth season of the insanely popular "Stranger Things", which would most likely make its way to the streaming service in Winter 2020 or Spring 2021. Netflix has yet to officially announce the fourth season, but given the growing numbers and popularity, it's pretty much a sure thing that the streaming service would be renewing the series for a new season.

Co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer are expected to once again to direct a handful of episodes, as will series producer Shawn Levy. Most, if not all of the cast is likely to return.

There are no plot details at the time of writing this, but the post-credits scene of "Stranger Things 3" did tease that Hawkins, Indiana is anything but safe, there's still at least one Demogorgon about.

The series has already taken place during Halloween and the Fourth of July, so what's next? Mike and Eleven did say they'd see each other again over Christmas break.

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Stranger Things 3 Demogorgon