Rick Grimes Returns In An Untitled "Walking Dead" Movie, Watch The New Teaser Video

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Movie Teaser

Shortly after Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes departed the series, we learned that his story would continue in "The Walking Dead" movies, which we assumed would be premiering on AMC, but AMC has made the surprise announcement out of Comic-Con today that the movie is coming to theaters!

A new teaser video for the first untitled "Walking Dead" movie was revealed, teasing Rick Grimes' return "only in theaters."

Check out the teaser below.

Although it doesn't feature footage from the actual movie, you may recognize what looks to be the helicopter that took Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) and Rick flying towards a city skyline, assumed to be the Commonwealth, where he'll face a whole new corner of the zombie apocalypse.

Last we heard, the plan was to bring Rick Grimes back for at least three feature films.

Scott M. Gimple previously told Entertainment Weekly about the films, "We are talking about a trilogy for this Rick Grimes story. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only Rick Grimes stories we’re ever going to tell, and also they’re probably not going to be the only movies that we tell. The Rick Grimes story, of course, is the biggest thing that we’re doing right off the bat, but we’re going to be doing a number of different Walking Dead things over the next few years. A universe of stuff."

Universal will release the film in theaters.