Blairstown Museum To Host 'Friday The 13th' Celebration "Jason Fest" This Septembe

As many fans of the franchise already know, the real-life Camp Crystal Lake from the original Friday the 13th is actually called Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, located in Hardwick, New Jersey, which is just miles away from another town that’s prominently featured in the classic slasher film: Blairstown, New Jersey.

Each and every Friday the 13th, both Blairstown and No-Be-Bo-Sco embrace their ties to the horror franchise, and this year the Blairstown Museum is gearing up for Jason Fest, which will bring Ari Lehman (the original Jason) to town for a celebration of all things Friday the 13th.

The museum announced this week, "While we exhibit Blairstown‘s history throughout the year, our volunteers really put their heart and soul into celebrating Jason Voorhees every time a Friday the 13th appears on the calendar. This September, we are offering fans an incredible lineup for the entire weekend, beginning on Thursday, September 12th with Jason Fest!"

The very first Jason Fest will take place at Hunter's Lodge. Located just minutes from Blairstown, Hunter's Lodge provides the perfect remote, outdoor venue. Equipped with plenty of convenient parking, rustic cabin setting, outdoor stone fireplace, large outdoor movie screen, and much, much more this will be an incredible event that no Friday the 13th fan will want to miss!

Additionally, on Friday, September 13th, there will be a grand opening celebration for the Friday the 13th museum, along with an Ari Lehman meet-and-greet session inside the museum itself.

The museum is also hosting a premiere event for new fan film Vengeance on the same day, with star C.J. Graham (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) and director Jason Brooks in attendance to meet fans.

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