'Streets Of Vengeance' Directors Return With '80s Throwback 'Slashlorette Party'

Slashlorette Party Indiegogo Campaign A & P Productions

Who doesn't love '80s slasher movies? The girls, the guys, the clothes, the style, the music, the not offensive-back-then-totally-offensive now dialogue; the list goes on!

The filmmaking team of A & P Productions (Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba), creators of the cult movie Streets of Vengeance, have launched an Indiegogo campaign for their next film, a cabin in the woods '80s throwback titled Slashlorette Party!

Check out the trailer below!

The film is based off their own fake trailer about a maniacal killer that attacks a bachelorette party in the woods. The fake trailer appears within Streets of Vengeance, playing during a commercial break. The Slashlorette Party trailer caught the attention of fans and reviewers who called for the trailer to made into a real film. After many requests in print and on podcasts the filmmaking duo have finally began pre-production on the film.

Director Paul Ragsdale and producer Angelica De Alba have brought in a few notable actors from the indie film/genre film world to join the cast. The duo have announced they are reuniting with the legendary Ginger Lynn Allen (The Devil's Rejects, Rob Zombie's 31) once again. Ginger will be playing Dr. Petra Jordan, a role which was specifically written for her. Also featured is writer/director Drew Marvick, of Pool Party Massacre fame, who appears in a prominent role. Amongst these special guests, much of the original cast from the fake trailer will be returning: Molly Souza, Brooke Morris, Vanessa Mata, Shalene Prasad and Robert Holloway.

Head on over to the Indiegogo campaign, where they are offering some great perks such as VHS tapes, posters, limited edition Blu-rays (BD-R) and more!