"Escape The Hydro" Round Two Promises More Horror And Mystery This August

Escape the Hydro Challenge Two Fremont, OH

Just weeks before the opening of its milestone thirtieth season, The Haunted Hydro in Fremont, OH will host its second-ever Escape the Hydro Challenge. On Saturday, August 17, the dark attraction park will feature its three short-form escape rooms, as well as a special one-hour escape challenge inside the Hydro itself, a repurposed hydroelectric plant built in the early twentieth century.

The trailer for the event, which is featured below, promises scares and suspense, building on the theme of “Mystery, Suspense, and Intrigue” from the first Escape the Hydro event. The theme has yet to be announced, but the previous event featured a storyline inspired by SCP, the fictional organization tasked with containing and studying the horrors of the world, both seen and unseen. One thing's for sure, anyone taking the challenge is in for a special treat, with an original script and concept that will be sure to bring the tension.

For those looking to try out the hour-long challenge, time slots are $25 per person. If you book an entire slot with ten people (the maximum for the hour-long challenge), you will receive a $25 discount. You don’t have to book ten people for a slot, but be ready to have other groups in that time slot as your partners for the challenge. Tickets for the short-form escape rooms will be available on the premises during the event for those so inclined, just in case the one-hour challenge doesn’t quite satiate the thirst for puzzles and mystery.

Are you up to the challenge? If so, remember the words of “Crazy” Bob Turner… never, EVER come alone!

The Haunted Hydro is located at 1333 Tiffin St. in Fremont, OH. Tickets for Escape the Hydro Challenge are available now through HauntPay.

Escape the Hydro Challenge Two Fremont, OH