Lacuna Coil's New Single "Layers Of Time" Gives A Taste Of 'Black Anima'

Italian gothic metal legends Lacuna Coil have put forth the first single from their upcoming Black Anima. While the album is set to drop on October 11 via Century Media Records, the single, titled "Layers of Time," is out now for your listening pleasure, just in time for the release of tickets for their co-headlining "Disease of the Anima" Tour opposite All That Remains, featuring Bad Omens, Toothgrinder, Eximinous, and Uncured.

The single continues in the same musical vein as the band’s previous effort, Delirium, with growling vocals from singer Andrea Ferro in the verses, and the soaring mezzo-soprano voice of Cristina Scabbia in the choruses. Sonically speaking, this is one of the heaviest tracks in Lacuna Coil’s catalog. The verses and interludes feature machine-gun triplets from the bass drum and the guitars, with further fancy footwork provided by new drummer Richard Meiz, also from the band Genus Ordinus Dei. The guitar work on this track is some of my favorite work the band has ever offered. In addition, the blending of the masculine and feminine vocal energies has been a signature of the band for well over two decades now, and while most bands with multiple lead vocalists have trouble striking the balance, it’s safe to say Lacuna Coil knows what they’re doing at this point.

The production by multi-instrumentalist Marco Coti Zelati helps make every instrument, every note be felt and heard. Nothing and no one falls to the background without a damn good reason. And if this is what we have to expect from the latest offering of Lacuna Coil, then October 11th cannot come soon enough.

Black Anima drops October 11th via Century Media Records.

Listen to “Layers of Time” below!


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