[Review] "Dragula" S2E10: Grand Finale

We’ve made it this far. There’s no offending anyone now. It’s time for the finale of the second running of "Dragula"! Who will be crowned the next Drag Supermonster? Will it be the cinematic Victoria Elizabeth Black? Will it be the punk rock Biqtch Puddin? Or will it be the hyper-glam James Majesty?

The Boulets call upon the patron saints of "Dragula" to help them crown the winner, and their choices for each saint could not be more on the nose (Divine for Filth, Elvira for Horror, and Liberace for Glamour). We see the would-be death scenes for each of the finalists, in which James meets her demise via a horned-up browsing of Scruff, Biqtch turns one too many tricks in the portajohn, and Victoria gets poisoned at high tea. They realize that the choice is a harder one than they originally anticipated, which takes us to the preparations for the final floor show.

During preparations, Victoria talks about how drag has been an outlet for her more artistic side, and how it has unified all of the aspects of her life inside and outside of the drag world. James talks about the barriers she has broken down thus far, and how she plans to advance the art form if she wins. Biqtch reinforces her love of video game heroines, and how she has come full circle by making it this far in the competition. The kid gloves are off. No more talk, no more bullshit, it is time for the grand finale floor show!

First category for the floor show is Glamour. Biqtch brings a velvet fantasy with a full cutout showing her assets, adding a dash of sexuality to a glamorous look. Victoria has claws for days and a basket for a prop, but somehow this look feels edited and toned down, and given Miss Black’s propensity for prop usage, that’s saying a lot. James is lace raven the house down, and it is a sight to see. Not that my scorecard means a thing in the end, but if it did, I would give James the nod for this category.

Round two brings the Filth, and James Majesty keeps it on-brand with a truck stop hooker, complete with a massive wiener and copious amounts of mustard. Biqtch plays the role of ratchet janitor, and just in case you didn’t think she was punk enough, she drinks the dirty mop bucket water and eats the hair clog she just cleaned up. Not to be outdone, Victoria rolls out a cadaver on a gurney and goes full on Nekromantik on it, bordering on Horror, but going super taboo to keep the focus on the Filth of it. As much as Victoria deserves praise for going there, I would have to give Biqtch Puddin the category win by a hair (ba dum tss).

The final category is Horror, and Victoria kicks it off with a swamp witch on stilts. It is just the Universal Monsters sort of look that this category needed, and it further speaks to the level of craftsmanship Victoria is capable of. James goes for a neon clown moment with an ice cream cone. It’s as if Sweet Tooth went pastel and hated it for just a minute. Biqtch’s first visual is a pair of glowing red eyes that screams “thing that goes bump in the night for a thousand, Alex” and the Elvira silhouette the outfit gives excels in a throwback moment from the apparent queen of the '80s this season. Honestly, the eyes were enough for me to decide that Biqtch wins this category as well.

In a rare moment, judgment comes before deliberation this time. The Filth category is where the finalists really came alive, as Swanthula notes that Victoria’s performance actually gave her chills. James taking a step away from the hypersexual was a nice touch as well. Biqtch was not to be overshadowed, though, as several of the crew on set were running to the restroom to vomit during her janitor act. Victoria has finally come alive, while Biqtch struck at the heart of "Dragula", though James’ Glamour look was nothing short of immaculate.

The Boulets depart to deliberate. Victoria’s Horror look was her highest point, though her Filth look was a close second. That being said, her Glamour look was her unfortunate low point. James’ Horror look came as a massive, but welcome surprise, while her Glamour stood out for its polish. Though a bit costumey, her Filth look was a great addition to her package. Biqtch’s Filth look almost made Swanthula throw up, in what has to be the biggest compliment given to any performance on the show. Her Glamour was a great interpretation of the tenet, while her “electro Nosferatu” Horror presentation was unique.

When it comes to category winners, Biqtch takes the nod for Glamour hands-down. While Dracmorda chooses Biqtch for the Horror category, Swanthula dissents and picks Victoria. Finally, both Boulets agree on Victoria for the Filth presentation, though Biqtch was a super-close second. It’s surprising to see James Majesty take away a goose egg here, but it is what it is. We have a winner to crown!

The next drag Supermonster is… BIQTCH PUDDIN! In a scream queen moment, she lets out a primal yell as the customary bloodbath goes down, capping off an incredible second season. It’s hard to believe how far the show has come in just two seasons, but here’s to season three and beyond!


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