[Review] "Dragula" S2E7: Apokolips Part I

No jokes or tongues in cheek for this opener, just nuclear explosions and some sick death masks donned by the Boulet Brothers. Leave it to the hostesses to make the apocalypse garish and gorgeous all at once. On the ride to Wasteland Weekend, the destination for this penultimate challenge, the girls talk about what it means for "Dragula" to have infiltrated the consciousness of drag. The sisterhood has finally developed, now that we’re down to the final four, and this reporter says it’s about fucking time. Abhora is only so sure she’s going to make it through the weekend, in the physical and competitive senses. The group is devastated over the fall of Disasterina, but ultimately, this is the strongest final four one could have asked for, so…

The Wasteland Weekend challenge comes in two parts. The first part is a photoshoot in the blistering heat, showing what each performer’s persona would look like in a Mad Max-like world. The girls get ready in a tent that is only so much of a shield from the elements. I’ve had to get ready in 100 °F weather before, and getting makeup on is enough of a challenge. Keeping it on and not melting like a cheap candle? Forget about it. Add the dust and dirt kicked up by the wind, and this is an exercise in patience and endurance while getting into the geish, as some would say.

The ultimate challenge for the weekend is a stage show in front of the Wasteland Weekend crowd, and the theme the girls are going for is the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Victoria Elizabeth Black is Death, James Majesty brings us War, Biqtch Puddin is Pestilence, and Abhora will be Famine. More on that challenge in the next episode though, as there is still the photoshoot.

The guest judge for this challenge is the one and only Vander von Odd, the (then) current fucking reigning of "Dragula". As a production assistant on-set, Vander has had the chance to see the cast evolve throughout the competition, so who else would be better to assist the Boulets in determining who should move on to the final floor show?

James manages to strike a balance between beauty and badassery with her look. Victoria’s choice of colors, combined with her mohawk and nuclear fallout yellow is a striking visual that succeeds in my book. Biqtch is armed and dangerous with a massive sword, not to mention a smoke bomb that adds a pop of color to her photos. Abhora’s Phoenix interpretation is a fun addition, and feels a bit personal, given her recent performance in the competition thus far.

The photo shoot closes out the first part of Apokolips. Part two brings us the stage show, as well as a brutal extermination challenge that will deliver on all of the drama thus far in the series. To be continued...


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