[Review] "Dragula" S2E8: Apokolips Part II

Dragula Season 2 Episode 8 Review

The girls go pretty much right from the photo shoot to the stage show, though in the time they have to get ready, Vander von Odd visits their tent to talk queen to queen with the final four. Victoria thinks that James slayed the shoot, though James was only so impressed with Abhora’s look. Once Vander enters, it’s the Q&A portion of the pageant, as she asks the four what Dragula has been for them.

Abhora mentions how much she has learned about drag from each of her fellow competitors, and how much she has grown as a person. Victoria talks about season one, and all due respect to Vander and her cohorts, is trying to top what was already done. Biqtch acknowledges how the competition has elevated her to heights she only dreamed of, and how it has demanded more from her as a performer. James also talks about what she has learned from the other girls, and how to grow the monstrous side of her persona.

Amidst the last-minute preparations for the stage show, the girls then ask Vander what being the World’s First Drag Supermonster has meant to her. She talks about how there didn’t used to be a real career in what she did as a performer, but now she’s been able to carve out a path for herself and break the mold. When asked what happens if "Dragula" gets even bigger, Vander assures the girls that, in the hands of the Boulets, it will only get better, and they would not lose sight of what brought them to the dance in the first place.

The stage show begins with the Boulet Brothers entering to Ministry’s "N.W.O." and good golly, miss Molly, what a power move that is. After a few words, the show begins, with the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse performing to Kill Pussy Kill’s "Superstar." Biqtch commands the stage during her segment, owning every second of her performance. Abhora was, and I really hate to say this, uninteresting. Her armpiece also gets to be a liability fast, and that dings her a couple of points. Victoria has punk rock goddess written all over her, and it adds to the sleaze of the song. James is unhinged and dangerous in all the right ways, and even does a stage dive into the crowd, showing an energy that we have not seen from her thus far, refreshing as it is.

Deliberation comes between the Boulets and Vander von Odd. Dracmorda talks about how she thought the second challenge was going to be the end of Biqtch Puddin, and how she stepped it up since then and evolved into the electric performer they saw on the stage on this night. Though Swanthula loved what Abhora brought to the performance, the consensus is that she fell behind the rest of the pack, a possible sign of her position in the game. Victoria has a cinematic quality about her, but it did take some serious time to get her to this point. James showed a more dangerous side to her, but her motives are called to question, given her status as a pot-stirrer. As Dracmorda eloquently puts it, “You don’t want to find out someone’s motives after the fact.” Ultimately, the Boulets are glad that they called upon the services of Vander von Odd to decide the final three.

Dragula Season 2 Episode 8 Review

Judgment is handed down, starting with Biqtch Puddin, who talks about the video game influence on her character. She used to play games with badass female characters, and she took away a sense of power from that, and her look tonight embodies that. The judges agree that she nailed the punk drag as only Biqtch can, but the smoke she used during the show got caught up in her wig, which did take away from the wow factor. Abhora is noted for her bird motif (and it only took eight fucking episodes for that to be addressed, I thought the alien baby challenge would have sparked that conversation), and while her performance was much tighter and put-together than some of her previous efforts, she may not have pushed herself quite like she needed to.

James looked like someone directly out of the Mad Max universe, and though she stays true to her brand of glamour and sex to the bitter end, she tapped into a more unpredictable and dangerous side, much to her benefit. Victoria’s craftsmanship skills are praised the house down, especially the rust on her jacket. In so many words, she sold the fuck out of her look, butch as it was.

James Majesty is hailed as the winner for the Wasteland Weekend circuit, though all four of the girls are up for extermination… and their fates will be decided inside of Thunderdome! James battles Victoria to start things off, and it feels way too one-sided. James gets Victoria’s club away from her several times during the fight, leaving Victoria, chipped teeth and all, on the losing end of this cage match.

And finally, the showdown of the season goes down as Biqtch and Abhora settle it once and for all. Both girls fight their padded asses off for the win, but ultimately Biqtch ekes it out, following a lovely receipt following a face shot from Abhora and a tangled-up tussle that was just what the rivalry needed. Biqtch lost a high heel in the process, and the bananas on Abhora’s Famine look did not survive the battle, but this fight was easily the most entertaining part of the two-parter.

Abhora is exterminated, after valiant efforts and great strides the previous few episodes, in a Wicked Witch of the West moment that echoes back to the witch challenge that kicked off the series proper. The final three is officially James Majesty, Biqtch Puddin, and Victoria Elizabeth Black. But before we crown a winner, we must face the cries of the departed at the Last Supper!