[Fantasia Review] 'Alien Crystal Palace' Is An Avant-Garde International Show Stopper

Arielle Dombasle’s Alien Crystal Palace Review Fantasia

Hambourg, a brilliant yet troubled scientist uses his extensive knowledge of the human condition to create the perfect androgynous creature.

Alien Crystal Palace has everything I look for in a film. I absolutely love avant-garde style movies and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. Utilizing both the English and French language with English subtitles is a brilliant idea. It brings so much life and realism to a high powered, fantasy driven world.

The music sets this film apart from other French - American efforts. It’s catchy, artistic, and tells a story of its own. The same can be said for the color schemes and cinematography. The costumes are simply divine. I absolutely adored them. They fit so well with the characters and the plot of the film. Watching this movie took me back to the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It has that same artistic feel.

Arielle Dombasle serves not only as the film's director, she also appears in the film. Her character is among one of my personal favorites. Her talent shines throughout this entire project and she leaves her mark on the film industry with this ambitious entry. Arielle has 139 acting credits to her name and has directed 6 projects to date, with Alien Crystal Palace being her first directorial effort since her 2013 film Opium.

Arielle Dombasle’s Alien Crystal Palace Review Fantasia

One of my other favorite characters is Sybille who is played by the impeccable Asia Argento. Asia has quite the impressive filmography. She has acted in films such as Demons 2, George A. Romero’s Land Of The Dead, and most recently the 2017 film Elecutrix.

If the name Argento sounds familiar to you that is because she is the daughter of famed Italian director, Dario Argento, who's responsible for horror classics such as Suspiria, Inferno, and Tenebrae. These films are regarded as cinema masterpieces within the horror community.

Although there is a fair amount of nudity within this film it is all done in a tasteful, artistic way. The scenes that included such nudity have a purpose, each one telling it’s own story.

Alien Crystal Palace is by fair one of the most unique films I have ever reviewed for Crypt Teaze. I give this film a solid 10/10. If you are a fan of artistic avant-garde films I think you will absolutely love this film. If you are a fan of more traditional films with a start and finish line this may not be the film for you. I will be looking into more of Arielle Dombasle’s filmography as I really enjoy both her directing and acting styles.

Alien Crystal Palace was recently shown at 2019’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

Arielle Dombasle’s Alien Crystal Palace Review Fantasia