Mondo Celebrates 'Jaws' With Bruce The Shark Tiki Mugs And Enamel Pins

Jaws Tiki Mugs Mondo

Just when you thought it was safe to close your tab…

If you're looking to add a little flair to your summer beverage fun, then you may want to add Mondo's new ceramic tiki mugs based on Bruce the killer Great White shark from Jaws to your cupboard!

Designed by Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordarson, and Tiki Farm, each handmade mug holds 22 ounces, and is perfectly accessorized with 1 translucent red Swimmer Swizzle Stick!

Along with the standard version, which features a grey and red glaze, two other variants are available. First, the "Chum" variant features a red wiped glaze, just the color you need to attract a 25 footer, while the "Amity" variant sports a blue wiped glaze, like the foreboding waters off the coast of Amity!

These brand new jaw-some collectibles are now available at

Check out the Jaws tiki mugs below, along with new enamel pins created by 100% Soft.