[Trailer] 'Direct To Video' Looks Back On The Straight-To-Video Horrors Of The '90s

Direct to Video Dustin Ferguson Trailer '90s Horror

If you find yourself looking back fondly on memories of wandering the isles of you local video store in search of that next straight-to-video horror gem, filmmaker Dustin Ferguson has nearly completed a documentary that you don't wanna miss!

Direct to Video is described as "a fun look back at the often overlooked and underappreciated era of straight-to-video horror films from the 1990s. Featuring exclusive interviews and clips providing a fresh new perspective of a time remembered fondly by those that lived it."

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The documentary contains exclusive interviews with 20 Directors, Actors, Writers and Special FX artists from the 90s Direct To Video scene such as Clint Howard, Lloyd Kaufman, Kelli Maroney, Jeff Burr, Jim Wynorski, Brinke Stevens, Fred Olen Ray and Kenneth J. Hall.

The film will premiere this October on The Monster Channel. Be sure to follow the film on Facebook for more updates!

Mancat Design created the documentary's artwork, seen below.

Direct to Video Dustin Ferguson Trailer