Win A Killer Experience With The "American Horror Story: 1984" Survivor Sweepstakes

A killer is on the loose. Who do you think will survive?

This September "American Horror Story" takes us back to the '80s for a slasher-themed season titled "American Horror Story: 1984," which will introduce a group of friends based on classic '80s slasher movie characters. Ahead of the premiere, FX has just launched the "Survivor Sweepstakes", a sweepstakes that tasks you with guessing who will make it out alive.

Enter for a chance to win a Grand Prize trip to Los Angeles, for a killer "AHS" experience. In addition, if you pick the character who makes it out alive, you could win a Camp Redwood Bunk Pack.

Head on over to to meet the Jock, the Dream Girl, the Nerd, the Nice Guy, the Sure Thing, the Platonic BFF, the Stoner, the Prankster and the Nice Girl, and make your selection.

On August 5th, the killer will claim his first victim, with the sole survivor being revealed on September 10th. "AHS: 1984" will then premiere on Wednesday, September 18th.

Also, watch the teaser trailer here.


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