"Beautiful Garbage: Escape From Area 51" Brings A Slew Of Alternative Drag Performers To Columbus

Updated: Mar 6

Amidst the talk of the rumored Area 51 invasion, because social media is such a wonderful tool, the folks behind alternative drag showcase Beautiful Garbage have announced their next show on August 15th, taking place at Ace of Cups in Columbus, with the theme “Escape from Area 51.” The show will feature a large cast of drag performers, led by hosts Antidote and Selena T. West.

The lineup of performers is a who’s who of local alternative drag, with special guests Lucky Stiff and Scylla Kone landing from Chicago, IL for good measure. The full lineup is as follows:

  • Selena T. West (Host)

  • Antidote (Host)

  • Glitter Tits

  • Samurai Lynn

  • Jade Uzumaki

  • Riley Poppyseed

  • Maja Jera

  • Bea Brat

  • Envy Green

  • Betty Whatsherface

  • Beverly Knuckles

  • Clinica Deprecious

  • Roxy Nicole

  • Sarah Tonin

  • Candi Panties

  • Lucky Stiff (from Chicago, IL)

  • Scylla Kone (from Chicago, IL)

Advertisement for the show suggests an R rating for “witchcraft, violence, blasphemy, nudity, drug use, and vomiting,” and I’ve yet to see a better ratings description for well, anything ever.

Beautiful Garbage takes place once a month at Ace of Cups, located at 2619 N High Street in Columbus, OH. Tickets are $8 each, with a “Meet and Hang” option available for $15. Doors open at 8pm, with the show beginning at 9pm.

Click the image below to visit the event page.


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