Stephen King Personally Requested "One All-New Scene" For 'IT: Chapter Two'

IT: Chapter Two Stephen King All-New Scene

In just a little over a month, we'll find out just how faithfully Andy Muschietti has adapted the "27-years-later" events of Stephen King‘s IT for his IT: Chapter Two, but while we wait, we've learned an interesting bit of information regarding King's involvement with the sequel. Apparently, King was a little more hands on with this film as opposed to the first, with Total Film magazine stating that he requested one all-new scene!

SYFY reported and transcribed a recent interview found in the latest issue of Total Film, wherein Muschietti had this to say on King's single request:

"When the author read the first draft of the sequel, made a few notes, and requested the addition of "one all-new scene," Muschietti listened. You don’t tell Stephen King that he can’t write IT."

As we already know, King was a fan of Muschietti's IT, and he seems rather pleased with Chapter Two as well. Tweeting earlier this week that "The final confrontation is epic."

Gary Dauberman wrote the screenplay for the new film.