'Mortal Kombat' Writer Greg Russo Wants To Make A Horror-Heavy 'BioShock' Film

Way back in 2008, Gore Verbinski had been attached to bring the BioShock video game to the big screen, just one year after the game was released. Verbinski’s wanted to make a rated "R" adaptation of the game, but at the time "R"-rated horror movies weren't really massive box office successes, so the project never quite got off the ground.

Nowadays, as we all know, "R"-rated horror films have been having huge success at the box office, so maybe now is the time for that BioShock movie? Coincidentally, it just so happens to be a passion project for Greg Russo, writer of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie.

"I would love to figure out a way to do BioShock and I’ve tried," Russo told ComicBook.com.

He added, "I’ve been like elbowing everybody I can possibly find, because I think I have a really awesome way to do it that would be really fun. And bring the horror of it to the forefront and hopefully keep the budget at a manageable price. But yeah, that’s one that I’d absolutely adore, that be a lot of fun to work on."

My only concern is that it may be too late to squeeze any sort of success out of a BioShock film, as the latest franchise installment was BioShock Infinite, released back in 2013. The franchise has most certainly died in terms of popularity. Don't get me wrong though, I'd absolutely love to see a film adaptation of the first game!


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