Original 'Friday The 13th' Getting French Steelbook Release With Worst Cover Art Ever

This October, the original Friday the 13th is getting a Steelbook release in France, and the release’s cover artwork has been blowing up on social media for all the wrong reasons...

The perplexing artwork features a mysterious figure bathed in Argento-esque blue lighting, and it's pretty damn clear that it isn't the film's actual villain, Pamela Voorhees. Even weirder, the figure is wearing a hockey mask, which didn't come into play in the franchise until Part 3, and he/she is holding a chain. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't really remember that as Mrs. Voorhees's weapon of choice in the film.

Originally shared by EverythingBlu, a company specializing in Steelbook releases, the comments have been nothing short of hilarious in regards to the artwork. "Thank God we've finally got artwork which features the scene where Jason murders that teen with a chain from the original movie(!)", is one of my personal favorites.

However, if you feel the need to own arguably the worst Friday the 13th Steelbook of all time, it's not up for pre-order on Amazon France.

It's kind of sad to say this, but the new Steelbook art for Friday the 13th ’09 is better than this one.

Apparently, the artwork was also used in a UK re-release last year as well... What the hell Warner Bros?


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