[Video] Robert Shaw's Son Ian Perfectly Impersonates Quint From 'Jaws'

Inspired by the private diaries of Jaws star Robert Shaw, the stage play The Shark is Broken is currently taking a massive bite out of Edinburgh’s Assembly George Square Studios in Scotland, co-written by and starring the late actor’s son, Ian Shaw. Ian, of course, plays his father in the stage production, which tells previously untold stories about the downtime and the relationships between the actors on the Jaws set.

"'You’re gonna need a bigger boat.' Jaws, Martha’s Vineyard 1974: three iconic actors, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, are tortuously confined together on the Orca while filming, enduring endless delays, studio politics, foul weather and a constantly broken mechanical shark called Bruce. Conversation deteriorates into actor insecurities, competing egos, petty rivalry and excess alcohol consumption. Written by Joseph Nixon and Ian Shaw (Robert Shaw’s son) inspired by his father’s diaries, this hilarious world premiere offers startling insights into the backstage Hollywood truths behind one of the greatest blockbusters of all time. The play hilariously reveals the true relationships, the secret clashes and intrigues behind the legendary movie."

Ian Shaw does a pitch-perfect impression of his father, as he's mastered both the voice and mannerisms of Quint. You can get a little preview below in a message that Ian recorded for The Daily Jaws. There's also a video of Ian doing his take on Quint's iconic USS Indianapolis speech from the film.

It's eerily heartwarming how perfectly Ian Shaw has channeled his dad here.


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