Lucio Fulci's 'The Gates Of Hell' Coming To Blu-ray With New 4K Scan From Scorpion Relea

Lucio Fulci's "Gates of Hell Trilogy", comprised of The Beyond, The House By the Cemetery, and City of the Living Dead (also known as The Gates of Hell in the U.S.), is a trilogy that I hold very near and dear to my heart. Fulci's films, namely the aforementioned ones and Zombie, were somewhat of a "gateway drug" into the world of extreme horror throughout my high school years, so it brings me great happiness to report on a new Blu-ray release!

Scorpion Releasing have been working on a new 4K scan of City of the Living Dead for an upcoming Blu-ray, and today the company has offered up a bit of an update on the release over on their Facebook page.

They update, "The Italian lab has sent the new 4K scan of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (aka GATES OF HELL) to the lab here in Los Angeles so we can begin color correction and restoration. We are also working on extras."

In The Gates of Hell, the first entry in the trilogy, a reporter and a psychic race to close the Gates of Hell after the suicide of a clergyman caused them to open, allowing the dead to rise from their graves.

Stay tuned for more information about the release! For now, check out the tentative cover art as well as the custom art for the Blu-ray.

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