'Alien: Isolation' For Nintendo Switch Receives An ESRB Rating

Alien: Isolation Switch ESRB Rating

After being revealed at this year's E3, it's been a common question as to when we’ll be seeing Feral Interactive's port of Creative Assembly and SEGA's Alien: Isolation on the Nintendo Switch. Well, that question still hasn't been answered, but should be soon, as the game has now received a rating for Nintendo’s console on the ESRB website.

And unsurprisingly, the game has been given an M rating. This shouldn't really surprise any one, as the ESRB website states that "When Ripley is spotted by an alien, a short cutscene depicts her getting knocked down and bitten in the face, or stabbed through the chest with a spike. Blood is depicted when players are impaled; several corpses can be seen lying in pools of blood during the course of the game."

We also know that the game features gyroscopic aiming and HD rumble to immerse players in its terrifying world wherever they play.

Alien: Isolation is expected to arrive on the Switch in 2019, and is currently available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.