Timo Tjahjanto Announces Sequel 'May The Devil Take You Too'

If were a fan of the Indonesian box-office hit May the Devil Take You (read our review) from director Timo Tjahjanto, which is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix as of last year, you'll be happy to know that the director has revealed he’s getting back behind the camera for the sequel May the Devil Take You Too.

The film follows Alfie (Chelsea Islan; Headshot) a depressed solitary young woman discovering her estranged bedridden father, Lesmana (Ray Sahetapy of The Raid). Alfie journeys to Lesmana’s villa trying to determine what befalls of her father and how it connects the mysterious death of her mother. Further complications arise with the arrival of Maya (Pevita Pearce), Alfie’s step-sister. The two women slowly journey into a horrifying downward spiral of violence and insanity as they edge into the truth of what or who Lesmana has been dwelling with.

It's part possession, part haunted house, part family drama (to the highest degree). It's like The Exorcist with a pitch of Frailty and a splatter of The Evil Dead.

Tjahjanto also directed The Night Comes for Us, Killers, Macabre and Headshot, as well as co-directed the "Safe Haven" segment in V/H/S 2.


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