'Dead By Daylight' To Punish Players Who Disconnect During Online Matches

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Behaviour Interactive, the developer of survival horror game Dead By Daylight, has announced some major patches. Alongside its plans for optimization and PTB testing, the developer has also improved matchmaking capabilities, hit registration, hit boxes, and most notably – penalizing players who disconnect during online matches. "Survivors who disconnect from a match will leave a ‘husk’ behind," Behaviour Interactive said on a recent patch note. "The Killer can then hook and sacrifice this husk to receive the points – and perk tokens where applicable – that they would have earned had the Survivor continued playing." All remaining Survivors will receive bonus bloodpoints as compensation for losing a teammate. When it’s the Killer who disconnects, the match will automatically end and counted as a "win" for all the remaining Survivors.

Additionally, to discourage purposeful disconnections, the developers will lock violators out of matchmaking for a certain period of time. eSports Asymmetrical Multiplayer Dead by Daylight is 4v1 asymmetrical horror survival game available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. One player takes the role of the Killer, and the four others are the Survivors. The game’s objectives are simple: Killers hunt the Survivors, and the Survivors need to stay alive long enough to repair five generators and successfully exit the map. Dead by Daylight’s tactical asymmetrical multiplayer mode has pushed the game to be an official eSports title. Last June, Venture Beat reported that Behaviour Interactive teamed up with Space Sports to host its first invitational tournament which lasted for three days. Each day was dedicated to one of three gaming platforms the game is playable on. Daily winners earned as much as $5,000. It is fair to say that nobody would have thought of purposely disconnecting from this game. As more and more players get involved in a completely new eSports genre, Dead by Daylight is a reflection of how expansive the industry has become. A Ladbrokes guide to the global eSports industry illustrates how revenues increased exponentially between 2013 and 2019 across the globe, with an even further rise expected by 2021. So far, eSports has mostly been dominated by action games like Fortnite and Call of Duty, which have prize money worth millions of dollars. So the emergence of a horror game like Dead by Daylight shows how the competitive nature of eSports can be applied to more than one type of genre. New Characters Along with the eSports aspect of the game, Dead by Daylight is also expanding its characters. Within the span of four months, two Killers – Plague and Ghostface – were added to the game’s pool of blood-seeking baddies. Furthermore, last March, when the "Demise of the Faithful" DLC was released (and subsequently, Ghostface and Jane Romero) came hints of a new playable character by the name of Ash Williams. He was later introduced in April in a DLC with the same title as the TV series he originated from – "Ash vs Evil Dead" – making him the first licensed character since the "Saw Chapter" DLC back in January 2018. All of this is great news for Dead by Daylight players. Just don’t be one of those who disconnects on purpose, as things could get bloody.

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