WWE 2K20's "Bump In The Night" DLC Will Highlight "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

WWE 2K20 Bump in the Night DLC Bray Wyatt

The re-emergence of Bray Wyatt, the prophetic swampster fueled by his obsession with Sister Abigail, at Summerslam was a welcome treat for horror fans in the pro wrestling world. His Tom Savini-designed mask, the severed head lantern he carries to the ring, and the “HURT/HEAL” gloves make the once-leader of the Wyatt Family look like a homegrown serial killer, complete with a wild backstory and punishing methods of dealing damage.

Though Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch will grace the cover of this year’s installment of the simulation game from developers 2K, Bray Wyatt is the subject of the first of what could be several chapters for WWE 2K20 Originals, this one titled “Bump in the Night.” Players can either pre-order the game through select retailers, or pay $14.99 once the game is released, to get access to this horror-themed pack.

At the center of the pack is a special 2K Showcase featuring an alternate “Swampfather” version of Bray Wyatt, who has resorted to recruiting other Superstars to his eponymous Family. As Finn Balor (formerly known in Japan and Europe as Fergal Devitt), the player will have to face off against the members of Bray’s Family, before taking on the Fiend himself.

A collection of 2K Towers will feature new versions of Superstars, such as “Fed-Up” Sheamus fighting off zombified versions of his adversaries, “Twisted” Nikki Cross playing her own special games with her fellow women Superstars, and “Survivor” Mandy Rose fighting for survival as WWE’s own final girl. Plus, how can we say no to FrankenStrowman?

This pack is loaded with content that even makes a $15 price point seem generous. Including it with pre-orders is a bold move for this new project that is WWE Originals, but here’s hoping it leads to even more original stories and content, be they horror-centric like “Bump in the Night” or not.

Pre-orders for WWE 2K20 are available now, including a special Smackdown! 20th Anniversary Edition to commemorate the blue brand’s two decades of action. WWE 2K20 comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 22.

WWE 2K20 Bump in the Night DLC

Original article from WWE.com.