Synapse Films Bringing Naoyoshi Kawamatsu’s Zombie Film 'Undertaker' To Blu-ray

Synapse Films Naoyoshi Kawamatsu Undertaker

Arriving just in time for Halloween, Synapse Films have announced that they'll be releasing Naoyoshi Kawamatsu's Japanese indie zombie flick Undertaker on Blu-ray!

In the film, a deadly virus outbreak is turning the people of Japan into flesh-eating zombies. The government intervenes, trying to separate the survivors from the infected. Ryouichi, a young boy who has his family and friends destroyed by the undead infestation, becomes an assistant to an Undertaker… a person hired by families to kill loved ones who’ve been turned. Armed with a modified shovel and a bag, Ryouichi roams the ruins of Japan killing zombies and collecting body parts to prove to grieving families that their infected loved ones are now at peace.

Synapse describes, "director Naoyoshi Kawamatsu presents a moving story set in a horrific dystopian future with his independent masterpiece."

Undertaker stars Tomoka Asano, Tatsumi Ishihara, and Yoshito Kobashigawa.

Special Features:

• Farewell to the Precious: The Making of Undertaker • On Your Back – Original Short Film • Deleted Scenes • Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery • Trailer

Pre-order now with an expected October 29th release date.

Synapse Films Naoyoshi Kawamatsu Undertaker