Ven Scott Invites You On A 'Date From Hell' Later This Month

Date From Hell Ven Scott Screenings Announced

Production wrapped on Ven Scott's directorial debut, Date from Hell, back in May, and the Austin, Texas-based heavy metal frontman (Runescarred, ex-Dead Earth Politics) has announced screening events and the official release for the horror short.

The first screening will be September 13th at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas, TX, as part of their Corpsepaint Show Party benefiting Foundation 45 and powered by Fangoria. The film can be viewed alongside Satanic Panic and Road Trash. The second screening, coinciding with the film’s official release on ALTER, will be September 16th at Independence Brewing Company in Austin, TX. This will be coupled with the official Indignant Dog Films formation party, celebrating the creation of IDF whose founders (Ven Scott, Brandon Torres, and Tracee Beebe) were thrown together for the production of Date from Hell.

"It is important that we unleash Date from Hell on as large a platform as ALTER in tandem with the Indignant Dog Films launch party because without DFH there would be no IDF," said Scott. "Date from Hell not only pulled me back into the film industry but that movie brought Brandon, Tracee and I together. There was no way we were going to continue without one another at that point. Indignant Dog Films is the direct product of the collaborative and creative spirit we each bring to our work. It is our key stone and our launch pad!"

In Date from Hell, Bobby (Samuel Brett Howard) and Susie (Ava L’Amoreaux) find themselves on the worst date ever, pursued by a lone drifter with murder on his mind. The drifter is unrelenting, relishing the hunt and claiming his victims.

Date from Hell Ven Scott Screenings Announced