The Story Of 'Tiffany + Chucky' Continues In Third 'Child's Play' Fan Film

Tiffany + Chucky Part 3 Chris R. Notarile

Over the last two months, writer/director Chris Notarile has released the first two parts of his fan film series Tiffany + Chucky, which tells the story of how the two horror icons might have met, and the diabolic deeds they committed before Charles Lee Ray was fatally wounded and transferred his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll.

Today, Notarile has unleashed the brand new third part of the story. Watch it below!

"I’ve really had a fun time showing the progression of Tiffany and Chucky’s relationship in this series, and each installment is meant to showcase another dynamic not previously seen," explains Notarile. "Part 1 was how they met and part 2 is how they make each other better. So with part 3, I wanted to show how they live. I firmly believe that Tiffany believes she has an actual chance at living a cookie cutter life with Chucky, and she will utilize every opportunity to make that happen."

"The setup for this was pretty simple, I wanted Tiffany to play host to Chucky’s friends, and really show how important being the perfect homemaker is to her," he continued. "Some of you may have noticed that Eddie Caputo finally showed up, but he was clearly overshadowed by the character of Dan… which was on purpose. Dan is your typical 80’s asshole misogynist who does NOT take kindly to Tiffany. He and Eddie have a history with Chucky and for one reason or another, he’s incredibly territorial about it. Feel free to come up with speculate why."

Notarile adds, "The entire short was filmed in about three hours at my home. One thing I love about making this series is how quickly I make each installment. Llenelle Gibson once again flawlessly stepped into the shoes of Jennifer Tilly’s career defining role, and continues to make it her own. Kevin Caliber also brought his A-game once again for Chucky. He was as brutal as he was charismatic. Matthew Thomas Stallings gave the right amount of quirky pseudo-masculinity to Eddie. Seeing as how Eddie was definitely portrayed in a cowardly manner in Child’s Play, I really don’t see him throwing his weight around. And of course, Chris Callaway’s Dan is the perfect douchebag. I needed Dan to be the sort of character to instantly ruffle Tiffany’s feathers and push her to over the edge. But the payoff is totally worth it."

Tiffany + Chucky Part 3 is written, directed and edited by Notarile, and is based on the famous characters from the mind of Don Mancini.

Tiffany + Chucky Part 3 Chris R. Notarile