[Trailer] Documentary 'Wrinkles The Clown' Profiles The Creepy Internet Sensation

Wrinkles The Clown Trailer

You're probably well aware of the creepy viral clown phenomenon that's swept the internet in recent years, but if you'd like to know more about a certain scare clown for hire, you'll want to keep an eye out for the documentary Wrinkles the Clown. The doc was acquired by Magnet Releasing late last month, and the trailer has arrived today ahead of the film's Fantastic Fest World Premiere.

The unnerving new documentary seeks to uncover the mystery behind chilling accounts of a nightmarish clown seen terrorizing disobedient children throughout Florida.

Directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols (Welcome to Leith) and financed and produced by Topic Studios, Wrinkles the Clown will also receive an October 4th theatrical release.

"It started with a silent black and white surveillance video uploaded to YouTube that depicted a child sleeping peacefully. Until a disheveled old man disguised as a clown slid out from beneath her bed. Afterward, similar videos started appearing online, showing the clown pushing a cart in a parking lot. Waving alongside a busy highway. Holding balloons in front of a suburban home. The unsettling clips, which immediately went viral, launched Wrinkles The Clown to internet infamy. Soon, cryptic stickers with his eerie visage and a phone number were plastered on telephone poles and in bathrooms all over Florida promising to terrify misbehaving children. Over one million voicemails were left."

Wrinkles the Clown was co-written and edited by Christopher K. Walker. The film is produced by Jennie Bedusa, Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter, Lowell Shapiro and Mike Dill. Executive producers are Michael Bloom, Ryan Heller and Jihan Robinson for Topic Studios, and Abby Davis.

Wrinkles The Clown Poster