IFC Midnight Partners With Forbidden Planet For Genre Series Planet Midnight

IFC Midnight and Forbidden Planet announced this week that they will launch their new sneak screening series and genre film night at IFC Center called Planet Midnight, which will kick off with NYC horror legend Larry Fessenden's Depraved in advance of its release on Friday, September 13th!

The press release states that Planet Midnight is dedicated to championing defiantly independent genre films, and collaborating with partners who share that passion. On a monthly basis, they will program a mixture of undistributed films, new titles from IFC Midnight and films from other distributors.

Upcoming films to expect in the 2019 line-up will include Dawn Lubbe and Jocelyn DeBoer’s Greener Grass, Jennifer Reeder’s Knives + Skin, and Miguel Llansó’s Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway.

The goal of Planet Midnight is to offer a destination for the genre community in NYC. "As smaller community spaces, video stores, record stores, and comic book shops are dwindling, institutions like the IFC Center and Forbidden Planet continue to plant deep roots in the community and nurture counter-cultural engagement in the city on a personal level," IFC said in a statement.

The screenings are free-of-charge for IFC Midnight newsletter subscribers and include giveaways, special guest appearances, and complimentary popcorn. In other words, you really need to sign up to receive updates and RSVP to upcoming screenings!

Back to that aforementioned screening of Depraved, a film that brings Mary Shelley’s immortal fable fully into the 21st century. The sneak screening will take place on September 12th at 9:30 PM with Fessenden in attendance. The screening will include door prizes, an exclusive poster, a complimentary popcorn, and you can even join Larry for a FREE beer at the Half Pint 76 W 3rd after the screening! Come on, who can say "no" to that!

RSVP today!

You can also check out the IFC Midnight sizzle reel below, which showcases the films distributed by the company and possibly offers up some insight into what you can expect from the series in the future.


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