Future Ghost Film Possibly In The Works According To Director Tobias Forge

Photo by Mikael Eriksson

In a rather informative interview with RC Reader, Tobias Forge, the director and mastermind behind Ghost, reveals the importance of art/visuals with the music, importing comedic elements in the band, and plans for a future Ghost film. The first question is about the visuals of the band and the importance of that with the music. To which he replied, “As a record collector, I am more than often compelled by the artwork of a record. I’m a firm believer in a really nice-looking record sleeve.” He continued, “If the graphic content is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it opens up an avenue into people’s souls. I know this because I’m so easily charmed by record sleeves.” I’ve always found this endearing of Tobias, the fact that he’s just as much as a nerd/fan as we are and totally gets it. The most exciting part of this interview is where Forge is asked about a future Ghost film project and confirms it’s in the preliminary stages. “I definitely am in the process of exploring the possibilities of combining my musician career with a film project. Let’s put it that way.” He goes on to explain that the time frame is so long because it’s more involved than producing a record. He also wants to formulate a complete thought for the film before he begins any production so it’s a concise, solid movie. He touched on watching other rock films and how some hit or missed the mark, and how he’ll focus on the quality to stand the test of time. Also, check out Ghost’s current tour dates to see if they’re playing a city near you!


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