It Appears Rob Zombie's '3 From Hell' Will Arrive On Blu-ray In October

Ahead of the film's theatrical release next week, we've learned that Rob Zombie's 3 from Hell will be arriving on home video just in time for Halloween. According to Amazon, the film will be available on Blu-ray on October 14th over in the UK and a day later on October 15th here in the states.

Amazon also has listings for DVD and 4K Ultra HD in the US. Amazon UK currently only has the Blu-ray release (pictured below) up for pre-order. reports that the Lionsgate UK Blu-ray, DVD and digital download will come with a 95-minute "making-of" documentary titled To Hell And Back, as well as an audio commentary track from Rob Zombie. So, it's pretty safe to assume that the US release will include the same special features.

In the third chapter of the Firefly saga, after barely surviving a furious shootout with the police, Baby Firefly, Otis Driftwood and Captain Spaulding are behind bars. But pure evil cannot be contained. Teaming up with Otis’ half-brother Wilson, the demented Firefly clan are back to unleash a whole new wave of death and depravity. A firestorm of murder, madness and mayhem will be released in this terror ride to hell and back.

Lionsgate and Saban Films are unleashing the film in nearly 900 select movie theaters on September 16, 17 and 18, 2019 through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network. Fathom Events will broadcast the unrated version to theaters with each night featuring unique bonus content.

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