[Trailer] '80s-Inspired 'Blood Machines' Assures A Facemelting 50-Minute Sci-Fi Journey

Ahead of its premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival this October, Collider has shared the official trailer for Seth Ickerman and Carpenter Brut's sci-fi short Blood Machines, a sequel of the jaw-dropping music video "Turbo Killer" (watch it here), which looks to be just as much of a visual marvel as the aforementioned music video!

The site details, "Blood Machines is a crowd-funded English language French production that follows two space hunters who witness a mystical phenomenon when they see the ghost of a young woman crawl out of a machine they destroyed."

"The project raised $350,000 for production through two Kickstarter campaigns, and after a year and half of production, the film is ready to make its festival debut."

The film follows two space hunters tracking down a machine trying to free itself until the soul of the ship itself emerges in the form of a woman complete with a glowing crucifix on her chest. Shocked at the sight of this miracle they begin an epic chase through space to find out who she is.

The film stars Anders Heinrichsen as Vascan, Elisa Lasowski as Corey, Christian Erickson as Lago and Natasha Cashman as Bald.

Blood Machines will premiere exclusively on Shudder, but we don't have a streaming date just yet. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. It's a total sci-fi facemelter of the highest degree!


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