H.P. Lovecraft's 'I Notturni Di Yuggoth' Now On Vinyl With Music By Fabio Frizzi

Spoken Arts label Cadabra Records have this week released the label's rendition of H. P. Lovecraft’s I Notturni Di Yuggoth. You can get the full rundown on the release below.

Lovecraft’s I Notturni Di Yuggoth is here presented in a deluxe vinyl-only pressing featuring newly commissioned art by Jeremy Hush. The reading for the title is delivered with incredible poise by stage and screen icon and consistent Cadabra reader Andrew Leman (H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society). The haunting music performed by famed composer Fabio Frizzi (Kill Bill, The Beyond, The City Of The Living Dead), marking Frizzi’s first acoustic guitar recordings. Side B of the LP features instrumental versions of each track.

"The poems of H. P. Lovecraft create magic effects, like all his work," said Frizzi. "And the constraint to this more cryptic, more conceptual literary form gives its stories an extraordinary, disruptive evocative force. My two souls, the classic one and the rock one, have bowed to these little great masterpieces. My beloved instrument, the guitar, and my emotions, to accompany, discreetly, these moments of inner reflection."

I Notturni Di Yuggoth is pressed in a limited run of 160-gram vinyl in several variants, featuring liner notes by Fabio Frizzi and a new essay by weird fiction scholar S. T. Joshi. The record is packed in a deluxe heavyweight gatefold tip-on jacket and includes an 11" x 22" foldout insert as well as a 24" x 36" poster.

Visit Cadabra Records for more info and to order your copy of I Notturni Di Yuggoth today.


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