[Trailer] Bill Moseley And Bill Oberst Jr. Head To 'Devil's Junction' This October

Bill Moseley Bill Oberst Jr. Devil's Junction Trailer

After sharing the screen in Rob Zombie's 3 from Hell (read our review), horror icons Bill Moseley and Bill Oberst Jr. re-teamed for director Jeff Broadstreet’s new horror film Devil’s Junction: Handy Dandy’s Revenge, which hits theaters and home video this fall.

Following a handful of L.A screenings on October 18th and 19th, Midnight Releasing will unleash the film On Demand and DVD on November 5th.

The J.S Brinkley-scripted Halloween treat sees a shuttered TV studio in Detroit haunted by a magician ventriloquist from a 1960’s children’s show, and he’s looking for a new live, or dead, studio audience.

Returning to the abandoned Detroit television station where they once delighted a generation of children viewers, master puppeteer Mister Jolly re-incarnates his minion puppets for a final performance to settle an old score with Richard. The rare blood moon casts an ominous glow as Mr Jolly unleashes his puppets, lead by the infamous Handy Dandy to seek his revenge. Further complicating Richard’s dilemma is the unexpected arrival to the Studio of his son Steffen and his friends. The group become entangled in the thrilling pursuit by Mr Jolly and Handy Dandy through the annuls of the old studio building. They soon realize that they are in a new version of “Mister Jolly and the Handy Dandy Show” -where pain is the game!

Jake Red, Cody Cameron, Arthur Marroquin, Danni Spring, Kyle Anderson and Katelynn Newberry also star.

Check out the trailer below.