Walmart Exclusive 'Child's Play 3' And 'Hellraiser III' Funko Pop! Toys Revealed

Child's Play 3 Hellraiser 3 Walmart Funko Pop

Well, it appears that Walmart has finally stepped their game up in terms of exclusive Funko Pop!, as two brand new horror movie vinyl toys will be hitting store shelves this Halloween season, based on the sequels Child’s Play 3 and Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.

The Chucky toy comes from the final scenes of Child's Play 3, wherein half of Chucky's face in cut clean off, also known as "pizza face" Chucky. The other toy is a first for Funko, as the iconic cenobite named Chatterer has now received the Pop! treatment, joining Pinhead in the toy line.

Now if Funko would just release Female Cenobite and Butterball Cenobite Pop! toys, that'd be great! A skinless Julia would also be nice!

I'll definitely be snatching both of these up as soon as I see them on the shelves of my local Walmart. Let us know if you plan on picking up one or both of these in the comments below!

Thanks to @FunkoFinderz for the images seen below and Funko Pop Hunters for the one above.