Lindemann Releases Music Video For Energetic New Single "Steh Auf", Announces New Album In November

As if the untitled seventh album by German industrial metal titans Rammstein wasn’t enough (check out my review of said album here), singer Till Lindemann is set to release a new disc under his solo project Lindemann. He and Peter Tägtgren (PAIN, Hypocrisy) crafted a fun, silly disc in 2015’s Skills in Pills, which saw the Rammstein frontman sing almost exclusively in English, and pull no punches lyrically in the process.

“Steh auf,” Lindemann’s newest single, is a high-energy track with a symphonic edge to the punchy delivery. The lyrics are encouraging and full of hype, encouraging the listener to, as the chorus bellows, “Steh auf! (stand up in German).” In the German lyrics is Lindemann’s signature sense of oddball humor, with lines such as this gem:

“Bleib' nich' liegen, es wär' schade

Zirkus ist heut' in der Stadt

Bitte zeig' mir alle Tiere

Hol' mir Eis und Limonade”

“Don’t just lay here, it’d be a shame

The circus is here in the city today

Please show me all the animals

Grab me some ice cream and lemonade”

Insert your jokes about the German work ethic here, but damn if this song isn’t a new pump-up jam, right alongside a lot of Lindemann’s work, be it with Rammstein or with Tägtgren.

The project’s new album, F & M, will release on November 22nd through Nuclear Blast Records. Rammstein is currently touring off their latest untitled album.

See the music video for “Steh auf,” directed by Zoran Bihac, below and pre-order F & M today!


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