'Gutterballs' Creator And Makeup Effects Master Ryan Nicholson Has Passed Away

Ryan Nicholson Has Passed Away

Over the last two and a half decades, Vancouver-based filmmaker and FX artist Ryan Nicholson gained mass amounts of notoriety in the underground horror scene for his work on films such as Gutterballs, Live Feed, and Torched, among others, and we've learned the heartbreaking news this afternoon that Nicholson has lost his battle with cancer. He was 47.

His wife Megan Nicholson wrote over on his Facebook page, "I am greatly saddened to let all his friends and fans know this heartbreaking news. Ryan’s fight with cancer has come to an end. He fought with dignity and looked it right in the face. He made a lot of others with cancer feel strong and gave them the fight they needed. He made everyone who talked to him laugh and feel like today is the best day. He did that every day. Every day with ryan was a great day. He loved you all and wanted to make you all proud. As ryan would say, much love bro!"

In addition to writing/directing the aforementioned films, Nicholson's work as a filmmaker and makeup effects artist extends all the way back to the mid-nineties and also includes projects such as "Stargate SG-1", Final Destination, David Cronenberg's eXistenZ, Scary Movie, Lake Placid, Blade: Trinity, Grave Encounters 2, It Stains the Sand Red, Blair Witch, Deadpool, and The Predator.

Nicholson's body of work is an impressive one and we urge you to visit his IMDb page to check it out.

As a makeup artist, Nicholson was nominated for three Gemini Awards between 2000-2003, and won Best Achievement in Make-Up for his work on the series "Andromeda." He also won a Leo Award in 2017 for Best Make-Up in a Television Movie for his work on Dead Rising: Endgame.

The cinematic world has lost a true talent with the passing of Ryan Nicholson, and we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans.

If possible, seek out the final issue (#34) of GoreZone Magazine, which features Nicholson front and center, along with some amazing words with the man himself.

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