[Exclusive] Clint Howard Discusses 'Ice Cream Man' In New 'Direct To Video' Clip

Clint Howard Direct To Video Clip

Released back in 1995, Norman Apstein's Ice Cream Man saw Clint Howard taking on the role of a deranged man recently released from a psychiatric institution who reopens an old ice cream factory where he begins using the flesh of unappreciative brats in his recipes.

The film is an undeniable and underrated cult classic, and it's just one of the films covered in Dustin Ferguson's upcoming '90s horror documentary Direct to Video. We're very excited to share with you an exclusive clip from the doc that features Howard discussing his experience as the character. Check it out below!

Direct to Video is described as "a fun look back at the often overlooked and underappreciated era of straight-to-video horror films from the 1990s. Featuring exclusive interviews and clips providing a fresh new perspective of a time remembered fondly by those that lived it."

The documentary contains exclusive interviews with 20 Directors, Actors, Writers and Special FX artists from the '90s direct-to-video scene such as Lloyd Kaufman, Kelli Maroney, Jeff Burr, Jim Wynorski, Brinke Stevens, Fred Olen Ray and Kenneth J. Hall.

The film will premiere October 12th exclusively on The Monster Channel.

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