"Tales From The Crypt" Inspired Web Series "The Amtimity Tapes" Now On YouTube

Witches, cursed objects and serial killers are just a few of the themes explored in the newly-launched "The Antimity Tapes," a bi-weekly web series by Phoenix-based production company Antimity.

Inspired by classic anthologies like "Tales From The Crypt" and "The Twilight Zone," each episode follows a different set of strange characters in their own weird story. The episodes have an average run time of 5 minutes, making the 18 episodes of "The Antimity Tapes" fun and easy to watch.

What makes “The Antimity Tapes” so unique is in the way that each episode is made. Two days of scripting, 5 days of pre-production, 2 days of shooting and 5 days of Post. The budgets are non-existent and 10 of the 18 episodes were shot in a 250 square foot room!

Larry Alan who is the showrunner of the series states: "We spent years dreaming but were always held back by the big three: money, equipment, and locations. It wasn’t until we decided to throw the rules aside from that we stopped dreaming and started doing."

Antimity released the last episode of "The Antimity Tapes" on September 22nd and have already announced a second season which premieres on January 5th, 2020.

You can watch the complete first season of "The Antimity Tapes" on Antimity’s YouTube channel.


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