Felissa Rose And Sadie Katz To Curate New Horror Channel 'Room 236' On ThrillFlix

The recently launched streaming channel ThrillFlix, which features horror, comedy, thriller, action, drama, adventure, mystery, classics and more, is launching Room 236, a subchannel curated and hosted by Scream Queens Felissa Rose and Sadie Katz.

Rose and Katz have joined forces and acquired the rights to many films to be distributed on the ThrillFlix movie platform. Their new subchannel Room 236 (a subtle reference to Room 237 in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining), is a part of the ThrillFlix platform that supports filmmakers and that distributes films where indie filmmakers actually benefit from their relationship with the platform and the subchannel.

The subchannel will feature indie movies that you might not have the opportunity to see without the curation of Rose, Katz, Room 236 and ThrillFlix.

The channel is unique and different from any other horror streaming channel, as it is set up for the fans that support the genre at conventions, screenings and all over the web. Room 236 will be live streaming at conventions around the world and hosting live reviews, Q&A sessions, and is filled with horror gems for fans in the know.

Join the movie club at ThrillFlix and start streaming Room 236 tomorrow, October 18th, 2019. It’s only $3.99 a month, which included full access to Room 236 as well as the entire ThrillFlix catalog, and the first 14 days are FREE!


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