Bill Moseley-Starring Killer Clown Film 'Crepitus' Debuts In U.S. Theaters This November

Eddie and Sarah Renner's killer clown horror film Crepitus had its World Premiere at the Spooky Empire Film Festival, where it won "Best Feature." Now, Indican Pictures will bring this terrifying tale to theatres this November and DVD stores this December.

An updated trailer has also been released. You can view it below.

In Crepitus, a teenage girl and her younger sister escape their trauma filled home. At their grandfather’s place, Elizabeth (Caitlin Williams) and Sam (Chalet Lizette Brannan) learn about their history and the ghosts that haunt their family. But, something even more sinister lurks below – Crepitus! Crepitus always speaks a warning before eating his latest: "your kid is a burden, your kid is a pest, your kid I will kill and consume like the rest!" Now, Elizabeth and Sam will have to stand-up to this murderous clown if they hope to survive the secrets that live in the darkness.

The film stars Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, 3 from Hell) as Crepitus the clown. Actress Eve Mauro ("Age of the Living Dead") also stars along with Chalet Lizette Brannan (Cyborg X) and Darren Barcomb (Krampus: The Devil Returns).

Indican Pictures will debut the film on November 1st in ten theatres, including Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver and others.


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